Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Spirituality in music

She is singing with her eyes closed. She is singing a devotional piece in Raag Bhairav. There is a very scarce crowd but an attentive one, in front of her. She sings as she if she does not care a damn about the world. She sings as if her music is only for her God and no one else. Her voice oozes with lot of confidence and dedication. Her music has captivated the audience and they all seem to be transported to another world. They are not thinking about any technicality of music or they are not reviewing her voice. The devotion in her voice is such that they are only able to listen to her and surrender to music, to the feeling of oneness. For a moment, they all have forgotten about their lives and sit in a trance.

Wonderful feeling, isn't it? It is a feeling that is beyond words. And when you feel that way, all your problems and tensions become so irrevelant. In fact, they all appear so silly and you feel a sense of serenity prevails over you. That happens to me when I listen to some of the raags sung by our eminent classical musicians. That is why I find myself retiring to classical music at some point of the day, no matter how much pop or filmi music I listen to.

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