Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Great Ocean Road - 3

At the end of the second day on the Great Ocean Road, we were totally exhausted. Yet we were in high spirits ( including Tunga) maybe because of the beautiful places that we had seen.

Next day, we started off back to Melbourne. We decided that we would stop impromptu at a couple of beaches on the way and head back home. We stopped at an isolated, stony beach before Lorne. All the three of us got busy looking out for sea shells on that beach.:) Tunga collected her first sea shell there and we were so proud of that.:) We found very artistic, different types of sea shells on that beach. So after some photography, we headed further.

After the lunch at Anglesea, we took a break again at the Point Roadknight Beach. We had not heard about this place but we just decided to have a look. It turned out to be a sandy beach and a beautiful place. We wanted to spend more time there but as Tunga looked a bit weary, we decided to drive home early.

This whole trip to the Great Ocean Road was very refreshing and unforgettable. The images of the vast ocean have stayed with me since then. As mentioned in many of my posts, there is no better destresser than the nature itself.:)

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