Monday, October 13, 2008

Beaches, sea, beaches, travel, and beaches

We keep waiting for the weekends to explore new places. As soon as a Saturday arrives, we backpack our baby and her bag, and set out for the exploration. In case you are wondering what would our baby bag hold (parents-to-be, are you listening?):
  • Nappies - Never, never forget them. If you do, you can forget all about exploring.:)
  • Baby wipes - Very handy, especially if there is no water near by.;)
  • Water/Milk/Snacks - Absolute must. Cannot do without them.
  • Spare dress for your baby - You never know when you will need one.
  • Toy/Book - You might need them if you are set on a long journey

Okay, let us move from the baby stuff to explorations.

This time, we got to see a couple of beaches here. On Friday evening, we had been to St.Kilda beach. We did not get into the water "coz it was quite cold and chilly. But it was a great visual treat. As soon as I saw it, I knew how much I had missed being on the beach.

On Sunday morning, we started off to Mornington Peninsula Island National Park. On the way as we drove uphill, we stopped at a point near Arthur Seat for a break. And I am so glad that we stopped there because the view from that place was absolutely stupefying. We could almost see the whole peninsula from there. I had never seen ocean from such an altitude before. It just spread out like a beautiful painting in front of us. I struggled to capture it in my camera. And then, I felt so stupid! I was feeling so dwarfed in front of God's magnanimous, breath-taking creation. And how could I ever, ever capture that in my little camera?

We reluctantly continued our journey and lost our way. And finally, we ended on the beaches of Rosebud. I just could not resist getting into water here. Nopes, I donno swimming. Yet, I always love to get into that salty water.:) We pulled puttu ( that is what I call my daughter) along to the shallow waters. Initially she was a bit scared. But at the end of it, she refused to come out of water. It was her first beach experience. Anyways, the two unwilling ladies had to be dragged to the car.:) Now you know why the title for this post has so many beaches.;) And that night, all I could dream about was the magnificient view of the ocean and the peninsula.


ಯಜ್ಞೇಶ್ (yajnesh) said...

Nice one.

I lkied "hubby dear had to drag the two unwilling ladies to the car.:)"


Madhooo said...

Thanks, Yajnesh.:)