Friday, January 28, 2005

Just a moment of peace

I am walking on the beach. I can feel the waves at my feet. I see the shells on the shore- a variety of them. I try my hands on building a sand castle, in vain. And then I walk again aimlessly on the beach. Somewhere far, I can hear a soft song being played. I can see the Sun god playing in between the clouds. There is a cool breeze murmuring something in my ears. There are very few people on the beach. They are in their own worlds, probably enjoying the moment like me. And I walk and walk. Then I sense a bit of weariness and I just drop down. I just sit and watch the sun set. I am lost , I am lost in that moment.

I open my eyes and I find myself in the autorickshaw. I can hear the blowing of the horns and the screeching of the vehicles. The auto driver is racing as if he is chasing a dacoit. I sigh....So it was a dream. It was a dream after all. But then it was a moment, a peaceful moment which I will cherish always, forever. So wht if it seemed unreal?

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